Safety Managers: Don't expose your teams and avoid OSHA fines!

ClearCap™ Forklift Covers offer high impact, non-yellowing plastic covers that comply with OSHA requirements. We have availability for late and current model lift trucks.

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Why ClearCap™

OSHA Compliant

ClearCap™ benefits both safety and productivity while eliminating potential OSHA fines for blocking the operators view with shrink-wrap, cardboard or plywood.

Blocks UV Rays

Both the clear and tinted version block 100% of UV light transmission, protecting worker from long-term UV exposure risks.

Rain Protection

ClearCap™ keeps the operator dry and comfortable while providing outstanding visibility and safety. Forklift Operators will be less likely to rush their work unsafely in an attempt to beat bad weather.

Easy Installation

The units mount simply with new and improved cam lock buckles and nylon straps. There is no drilling or tapping required and installation takes only seconds.

Engineered for Longevity

ClearCap™ covers are tough, rigid and extremely clear. We utilize the same grade of polycarbonate chosen for riot gear and machinery safety shields.

Made in USA

ClearCap™ is 100% manufactured on US soil.
We believe in local production!

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The ClearCap™ Advantage

ClearCap™ offers a high degree of protection for even the most unpredictable environments. View our video to check out the ClearCap™ advantage.


What Our Customers Say!

  • We have been using ClearCap™ rain tops for over 10 years and our customers love their fit, design detail,
    functionality and value very much.

    Carl, Pape Material Handling
  • ClearCap™ provides effective protection from the elements, as well as shield our employees from the falling fruit and debris that we encounter daily. We are very happy with the performance of ClearCap™ Forklift Covers. From its clarity for high lifts, to the rugged durability, the operator protection and visibility offer safety benefits that far exceed the cost of a ClearCap™ - not to mention increased productivity!

    Douglas, Diamond Fruit Growers, Inc.