ClearCap™ Forklift Roof Covers

For Current and Late Model Lift Trucks

The ClearCap™ forklift cover design is simple yet very effective. UV grade polycarbonate is molded into a cover which has a low profile dome in the viewing area along with ribs and gutters. These molded features keeps water from pooling and blurring the operator’s vision and eliminates cascading water during maneuvers. The basic concept is to keep the operator dry and comfortable while providing outstanding visibility and safety. Forklift Operators will be less likely to rush their work unsafely in an attempt to beat bad weather. Benefiting both safety and productivity while eliminating potential OSHA fines for blocking the operators view with shrink-wrap, cardboard or plywood.


Easy Installation

ClearCaps™ are tough, rigid and extremely clear. We utilize the same grade of polycarbonate chosen for riot gear and machinery safety shields. The product is offered in clear and a 20% tint for those working outside in bright sunlight. Both the clear and tinted version block 100% of UV light transmission protecting worker from long-term UV exposure risks. ClearCaps™ offer significant protection regardless of the weather conditions. The units mount simply with new and improved cam lock buckles and nylon straps. There is no drilling or tapping required and installation takes only seconds.

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clearcap forklift cover installation

clearcap forklift cover installation

forklift cover clearcap

Clearcap forklift cover



How do you fit a ClearCap™ ?

Use our Models Available page to find the most common listings. If you don’t see your model, measure the overhead guards outside edges, width by length. Using the Listings by Dimensions page, find the closest ClearCap™ that will fit over your dimensions or call us toll-free 1-888-401-5500 with your make, model and dimensions and we will help you select the proper ClearCap™ model.


How do I order ClearCaps™ ?

You can order through this website this using the Order Now button. We will prepare and email an acknowledgment with payment options. We gladly accept all major credit cards. If you prefer, we have friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps that can assist you with all your questions, call us
Toll-Free 1-888-401-5500 or 503 224-0272. Our office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central.


What are ClearCaps™ made of and how do they hold up?

ClearCaps™ are made from Ultra Tuff SG weatherable polycarbonate. This heavy-duty plastic material is rigid, sturdy and UV resistant, it does not yellow over time. It is the same impact resistant material used in riot gear, safety glasses and protective shields. In addition, both clear and
tinted ClearCaps™ block 100% of UV light protecting operators from skin-damaging sunlight.


How do ClearCaps™ ship?

ClearCaps™ ship from our manufacturing facility F.O.B Salt Lake City, UT via ground delivery or common carrier depending on volume. We always utilize the most cost-effective shipping available. We are happy to ship either prepaid and added to your invoice, or collect right away on the carrier the of your choice.


How long does it take to receive my ClearCaps™ ?

Most ClearCaps™ arrive within seven business days after order placement.


How long do ClearCaps™ last and do they come with a warranty?

All new and used products manufactured by Wy’East are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship of one year from delivery to the buyer when properly installed, used, maintained and serviced in accordance with directions and instructions provided upon receipt. We do not warranty against misuse or abuse. We have had units in the field now for over four years without any problems.


How do ClearCaps™ attach?

Each unit is slotted at four points. Four high tension nylon web straps with cam lock buckles are provided. No drilling or tapping of the cage is required, simply loop the webbing through the slots and around the cage and lock them tight. This tool free installation takes only a few seconds.