My name is Doug Hedges, and I am the Plant Manager for Diamond Fruit Growers, Inc. in Parkdale, Oregon. I have been with Diamond Fruit Growers, Inc. for over 30 years. Diamond is organized as a farmer owned cooperative, and has been operating continuously since 1913.We are one of the largest shippers of fresh pears and cherries in the world.


Located on the northeastern slopes of Mt. Hood, we work in a wide variety of weather conditions during the year. Sun, rain, and snow often occurs within the same day. Moving fruit in and out of various buildings is continuous, and we commonly stack large fruit bins over 25 feet high, both indoors and outside.


For the past 7 years, Diamond Growers has equipped six of our forklifts with ClearCap Forklift Covers. ClearCaps provide effective protection from the elements, as well as shield our employees fromthe falling fruit and debris that we encounter daily. We are very happy with the performance of ClearCap Forklift Covers. From its clarity for high lifts, to the rugged durability, the operator protection and visibility offer safety benefits that far exceed the cost of a ClearCap - not to mention increased productivity!


I think you will find the people at Wy'East Products to be knowledgeable and helpful providing customer service we rarely find these days.
ClearCaps are important tools in our operation, and I would highly recommend it for yours.


Doug Hedges, Diamond Fruit Growers, Inc.

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