Forklift Covers By ClearCap A Clear Solution to a Common Problem

ClearCaps™ are in compliance with OSHA standard 1917.43 (e)(1)(ii): which states

“Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

ClearCap Forklift Roof Covers

Made of high impact, non-yellowing plastic, ClearCap™ has you covers rain or shine with clear or tinted roof cover for current and late model lift trucks.


OSHA Compliant
No Wet Seat
Quickly Diverts Rain
Installs Securely in Minutes
Expertly Engineered for Longevity
Made in USA
Wide Variety of Sizes Available
Blocks UV Rays
Improves Productivity

TCM Forklift Covers

FCG15-3/-3H   CC1000   35″W x 43.5″L $214.50 $229.50
FCG20-3/-3H   CC1000   35″W x 43.5″L $214.50 $229.50
FCG25-3/-3H   CC1000   35″W x 43.5″L $214.50 $229.50
FCG30-3/-3H   CC1000   35″W x 43.5″L $214.50 $229.50
FCG36-8   CC1000   35″W x 43.5″L $214.50 $229.50
FHD 15T2/18T2   CC1000   35″W x 43.5″L $214.50 $229.50
FHD 15T9/18T9   CC1000   35″W x 43.5″L $214.50 $229.50


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